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I was going to work on some jewelry but then I saw Netflix has The Fifth Element so I’m gonna go watch that now and fall asleep. Sweet Dreams little ones! <3 


Gypsy Jewels

does anybody know who made these?

Tumblr sur We Heart It.

Smoky Citrine Quartz Metaphysical Properties
Citrine is nicknamed the “Merchant’s Stone” or “Success Stone” because of its ability to bring about prosperity and good fortune. It is often kept in shop or in a cash box to promote business. Along with promoting prosperity, citrine also promotes one’s generosity, so as to share the wealth. Citrine is also regarded as very good for removing toxins and overcoming addictions. It dissipates negative energies of all kinds - it does not absorb them - and thus never needs energetic cleansing.
When worn, citrine helps relieve self-doubt and eliminate fears caused by other’s comments or ideas.
Quartz crystal can be placed under the pillow, offering psychic impulses in the form of dreams, which are the language of the deep conscious mind. Citrine is excellent for dream recall and dream work.
Promotes success, abundance
Solar Plexus Chakra
Reduces self-destructive tendencies
Powerful in dream work &amp; meditation
Increases personal energy and power
Enhances mental clarity, confidence, will power, creativity
Promotes honesty
Eliminates negative energies
Astrological Connection: Leo, Gemini, Virgo
Before reading on ahead, take the time to pick a card that calls out to you. Follow your intuition, don&#8217;t take too long to pick a card.
The Dark Lady ~ Unconscious power and wisdom.Rituals. Mysteries. Secrets. We may reach the real of the Dark Lady through grief, through deep surrender, through ecstasy, or though profound ritual. This card in a reading suggests that it is time to withdraw from the ordinary world to revitalize ourselves through retreat and surrender to the source. This is a time of preparation for rebirth of restoration and regeneration. What is hidden is getting ready to be revealed. Celebrate this passage through the unknown, rich, fertile, hidden realms of the Dark Lady. It may also be a time of prophecy, magic and foretelling of the potentials of the future, a time of self-awareness, self-knowledge and encounters with the hidden worlds. Meditate, retreat, seek serenity and inner peace.
Geeeeeooo the Slooow ~ Cycles of time. Slowness. Waiting. Patience. Slow down. Sit back in your chair and think a little. Why are you going so fast? What do you hope to gain from it? Are you metaphorically trying to push the river? What kind of stress is being created in your life by hurrying? Geeeeeooo indicates that the situation or issue is part of a long process that cannot well be hurried. It is important to settle in for a long haul and to set a pace that you can maintain for as long as needed, while remaining relaxed and patient. You will find life much more delightful if you do. Geeeeeooo himself clearly does, to judge from his face.
G. Hobyah ~ Imaginary fears. Unreal hazards. Realistic caution.It is time to look for the truth behind our fears, to distinguish between what is real and what is just our projection of old traumas and fears into our imaginary future.By delving into your old patters, we can see past them to a more liberating life. Only facing these fears honestly and seeing them for what they are do we gain greater ability to open our hearts and gain in strength to face the really difficult challenges in our lives. Each false fear confronted and resolves makes us much stronger
Spirit Dancer ~ Self-expression. Freedom. Exploration. Now is the time to focus and really concentrate on a project or process, especially one involving the creative arts. Spontaneity balances by self-discipline will help us achieve our goals. Strive for elegance and simplicity. This is a time to bring out and share qualities that we have nurtured in private. 
The Faery Godmother ~ Gifts. Talents. Grace. Helpful lessons. Sairie offers last minute rescues. Good things may well be happening that we don&#8217;t think we deserve or that we do deserve but haven&#8217;t thought to ask for. Almost imperceptibly she teaches us about giving and receiving unconditionally, helping us to open our hearts to love and acceptance. She sometimes showers us with abundance. Keep an eye out for unexpected good fortune, especially when you thought you saw bad luck ahead your way. 
Flaff the Ffooter ~ Being Real. Earthing. Grounding. Centering.Breathe. Ground Center. Maintain or recover sanity by staying earthed. Do this right now! Important information is coming your way, but you can only receive it properly if your feet are on terra firma and your head is well connected to the rest of your body.
Deck ~ The Faeries Oracle. All meanings come straight from the oracle book. I hope you found this helpful yet fun! &lt;3
&amp;&amp; these are some amulets &amp; charms I also purchased today ^_^ These are going to turn out great!
Some stones I got today. They are bathing in some salt water at the moment :)

So I was thinking of doing something “new” on here. Something to give back a little. I had the idea of using my tarot decks..pulling out a few cards like 9 cards and laying them face down and take a picture..than posting it for you guys and let you pick a card..whatever card calls out to you most than a few hours later posting the meanings of each card! So it’d be sort of a reading in a way but it all comes down to what card you are drawn too. I figured it’d be something cool for me to do for you guys. Is this a good idea or no?

Update ~ Okay guys, I’ll be posting a picture with 9 cards later! So stay put!



Honey Calcite Amulet, here:
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