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DIY Harry Potter TIme Turner Necklace Tutorial from 30 Minute Crafts. This is part of 2 weeks of Harry Potter DIYs by a group of bloggers. For more Harry Potter DIYs go here: truebluemeandyou.tumblr.com/tagged/harry-potter and for DIY Kids Jewelry go here: unicornhatparty.com/tagged/kids-jewelry

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Anonymous: Hi I was wondering whether you could please help me? What are some crystals that will help me make wise decisions? Be more loving and help me become a better/different person? I so far have rose quarts, aquamarine, and jade. Is there anything else I can use

Hello! Some crystals that might help you are Amethyst & Lapiz I know they are good for decision making. They help your intuition so I think that could bring upon better decision making :) You could also use some Pink Tourmaline & Aventurine for more loving attributes. ^__^ <3

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