raffyne: Glad I came across your tumblr :) I love crystals, too.

Yay!!! Crystal lovers unite <3 :)

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Oh guys!! Taking a post office trip tomorrow morning sooooo all orders that are placed by tonight will be shipped off then :) Also remember to use coupon code Fairy to get 10% off all your items. 

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I started a top fan app on my cosmic facebook page and now I have people liking all my posts like crazy. I got over 100 notifications in minutes. WHAT HAVE I CREATED!? lol

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Healing WAND, Lg Crystal Orb, Crystal Staff with Silver Solder and Lg Quartz Point by GreatPricesRareItems on Etsy

Cranberry Fluorite with Calcite crystals by howie516 on Flickr.

DIOPTASE Mindouli, Mindouli District, Pool Department, Republic of CONGO (Brazzaville) 

So I think i’ll have an official website store for my little business by Oct. My bf is gonna start designing it! This way you guys don’t have to go through the trouble of making an account just to order :) I am excited! 

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All my crystals after last night’s full moon! My collection’s growing so quickly!
Anonymous: Dizziness is a pretty common symptom. Blood sugar and iron are good suspicions, and although you mentioned you've been keeping up well with water, have you been eating well? Make sure you get some good food, ok? I'm sorry you haven't been feeling so well. I really hope it gets better.

Yes, my mom thinks it might have to do with low iron because I use to be anemic when I was younger..and she assumes it’s the fact that I don’t eat meat or eggs anymore, but I try to eat spinach everyday! I’m also gonna get some vitamin b12? Idk my mom said it’s good for iron deficiency. I eat one meal a day and then I eat a snack at night…& I try and eat a lot of fruit as well, but thank you sweet anon :) I will eat more during the day <3 Thank you again for your concern <3

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This dizziness feeling really sucks. I’ve been mostly fine since the fainting spell that happen after my birthday..but it’s been so hot lately i wonder if it’s dehydration even though I’ve been drinking lots of water. I read online and it said it could be low blood sugar? or heart problems? The ER doctor said the chances of heart problems was very very low..although not 0. I don’t know maaaan, I just don’t wanna feel dizzy..and I don’t like having it in my head that it could be my heart..I’m pretty freaking healthy. I have a headache too soo I’m guessing it’s most likely low blood sugar or dehydration. Whatever it is I don’t wish this upon anyone. 

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