I cannot express how much I am thankful for all of your existence. The world needs the beautiful, amazing, loving you. Don’t ever change, don’t ever fear, you are right where you are suppose to be. Your presence makes the universe brighter. 

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Pink Agate Druzy. I love that I can see the natural Agate colors on this one :)
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Red Phantom Quartz Crystal Stone - 25mm 

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Smoky Quartz Snowball inside a geode
A preview of what crystals will be in the giveaway :) All this will be split into two giveaways. Oh plus bracelets. 
Anonymous: 9, 13, 33, and 73! (:

9. How tall are you? I am 5’4 i believe :) 

13. What talents do you have? Ummm lol I’m not sure! I can play guitar a little bit & I can play video games pretty well haha is that a talent?

33. What do you typically have for breakfast? Well I don’t wake up till really late! So I never have breakfast but when I wake up I usually eat some fruit :)

73. Do you correct people when they make mistakes? It depends on who it is! I’m more comfortable with those close to me so if it was like my bf or my mom or something yeah I’d correct them.

Thankssss =D

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Angel Aura Necklace$17.99