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completed custom request — sapphire.

completed custom request — rainbow moonstone.


As pretty as Brazilian amethyst vugs are, they are still full of crystals. Cleaning this thing would be like trying to floss a Megalodon. Whoever came up with the idea is an evil genius.

nana-star-13 said: Dose the give away end tomorrow or yesterday ????? Cuz it said Thursday the 22 but thursday is the 24 ????
Anonymous said: Would you take a request on one your store items?

I possibly cloud! Message me off anon & we can talk :)


Half Moon- Druzy Pendant, here:
(Please don’t delete my text!)

Fluorite Cluster, here:
(Please don’t delete my text!)
+Giveaway Winner Is...


~ ★★wiccansapphiremoon★★ ~

✿Thank you all who participated, shared, & followed me! I am so so so grateful! I’m overwhelmed with the amount of followers I gained even when I said it wasn’t a requirement ♡ I love you all ♡ Please don’t be sad if you didn’t win! I’m already thinking of a

Some pretty sea shells I wrapped. Thinking of putting them on some hemp cord and selling them for under $7 :) Also..I think they’d do good in my upcoming Summer Giveaway. 

Guys..I explained myself yesterday but still getting messages about it. I accidently wrote the date wrong on the giveaway. It’s not  Thursday the 22nd but Tuesday the 22nd. Giveaway is over, I deleted it already. Winner has been chosen. To know who the winner is go to my block and find the Giveaway Winner link. Thanks & sorry!