Meditating on what I am grateful for 🌞ॐ🌛 (gave my journal a makeover 🙈)

Aqua aura quartz earrings, now available on my etsy store!
Mystic Moon Emporium
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Lothlorien Phials
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Currently uploading over 90 pictures of new crystal necklaces I made! That’s not even all the necklaces I have..I still have lots to finish. Tomorrow will be the first shop update with around 10-15 new things! Expect lots of new beauties :) I just might show you a preview later! <3

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~ LAST DAY OF THE 35% OFF ALL ITEMS SALE ~ This is it guys! a sale like this wont be coming around again for a while!! Just use code Happy at purchase and save!!! You can view all these little trinkets and more at www.CosmicMoonlight.com and Happy Labor Day!! 

I bought myself some cannabis infused gummy bears, banana chips and almond truffles for my birthday =D 

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Since I have a tendency to do many things at one time, I have Fluorite around my computer to help keep me focused. Of course I then start focusing on the crystals on my desk instead of my work.&#160;: ) Blessings, Lourdes

Rings &amp; crystals all available at www.emptycasket.co.uk🔮✨
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QUARTZ (Silicon Dioxide) crystals from Brazil. Variety is smokey quartz. 

The wild unknown tarot finally got here. I love how clear it is but earlier it was very harsh but completely accurate as well so accurately harsh towards my relationship but at least I know it’s a very powerful deck let me know if you guys have any opinions on this deck!

'The Moon' Tarot Pendant

Erongo, Namibia