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Hello lovely beings! I'm proud owner, creator and designer of ☽CosmicMoonlight☾ crystal jewelry. I originally made this blog to post my creations but ended up to be more than that. I enjoy sharing others art and creations. Gotta support each other in life! I love nature & crystals..I use them a lot with my jewelry. Natural or treated they are beautiful and magical and I believe they can be very beneficial to ones life, to help us heal and become more aware of the cosmic energies all around us. I'm pretty nice person I'd like to think so don't be shy! I do giveaways all the time so be on the look out! Also, if you have any questions about anything, just ask away! ★☯☮☥
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Love who you are
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★NEW! Blue Opal and Wooden Beads bracelet. Comes with FREE large Amethyst rough stone!★

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